Phonics and maths ideas

24 March 2020

Here are some ideas you could do each day:


Practise spelling the key words I to the no go he me she we be my each day and then dictate simple sentences for your child to write, containg these words. e.g.

I can run to the top of the hill.

My cat has black fur.

She has three pens. 

Dad and Mum go off to shops and they get fish.

Go through the sound sheet especially the digraphs (Phase 3) and focus on two each day. Write out words containing them for your child to read, and dictate words for your child to write e.g. air and ur.

Hair fair stair curl burnt hurt etc



Practise the activites on the rainbow recall sheet, quick recall of number facts and counting.

Roll a dice and use the numbers to make number sentences. Write them out and find the answers.

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