Our School Council


Our Meetings

We meet with Mr George, our Deputy Head Teacher and sometimes one of the governors of our school joins us for our meetings. Some of the things we have discussed recently include:

  • Which charities we should support.
  • We have helped lots of different charities such as The Royal United Hospital, The World Wildlife Fund, The RNLI, Bath Cats and Dogs Home and many more. This year we have chosen Bristol Children’s Hospital as they have helped children in our school.
  • How we can help the school governors with decisions.
  • We have helped to interview candidates who wanted to be our new Lunchtime
  • Supervisor, Teaching Assistant or Teacher.
  • Recently we went on a walk around the school looking for areas that
  • needed repairing and letting the school governors and caretaker know
  • about any areas that the adults don’t notice that are broken.
  • We help to judge competitions
  • The PTA ran a competition to see who could decorate the best pumpkin and we got to choose the winners from each class. It was really tricky because they were all very good.
  • We have all been working hard to make our playground better. Mrs Hall and Miss asked everyone in the school to design their ideal playground and we got to discuss which ideas were best.

Our school also holds the Children’s Society’s ‘Children’s Rights Silver Award’ and we are working towards the Gold Award. The award shows that children at Oldfield Park Infant School get the chance to make decisions and that their ideas and opinions
are listened to by the grown-ups.

Our school helpers this year are:

  • Lily and Erin G from Rabbit Class
  • Elsie and Charlotte from Squirrel Class
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