Painting our Islands

30 April 2022

Just before Easter we managed to create our own islands as part of our topic work about living on an island and Katie Morag. They were left to dry on the window sills over the Easter holiday and then when we came back they were ready to paint.

It took a lot of care to paint the colours clearly to distinguish between the land and sea and of course the rivers, lakes and even volcanoes with lava! Some of the children remembered and used the glazing method that they learned when the Lady Artist held the seascape painting workshop with the class last term. This involved mixing colours on the art work rather than in a pallete before applying it. The results are very effective. They have now been left to dry again on the window sills and the more human features (houses, school roads, bridges etc) will be added next time!

Have a look below to see the children in action.


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