Y2 English Thursday 14th January

13 January 2021

Welcome to the Y2 home learning for Thursday 14th January.

This is the English lesson - Today it writing about Florence Nightingale. Hopefully this lesson by Mr George will help you to be able to do this at home with your child.

PLEASE NOTE: PHONICS- There is no phonics video for today or the rest of the week on the website due to technical difficulties. The home plan will give you enough details to be able to do phonics; concentrate on the common exception words in the phonics plan for Wednesday and then on Thursday follow the plan to try adding ing or ed to some words. Again the details are in the phonics plan. On Friday it is speed writing your spellings and then finding er words in the phoneme spotter story which is in the pack we sent you. We will also try to email the phonics video to you.

Here is the English video for today...Click on the video below...


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