Y2 Home Learning 29.6.20

26 June 2020

It was great to see our Squirrels & Rabbits back at school.

This time the plan is different to what we are intending to teach the Y2s in school except for one part on the first page about kites. We'll do this in school as much as the time allows, but you will probably have more time and better resources to do more at home.  

As with last three weeks the aim is that you do not have to use any worksheets. In the class the children are working in their own books and if any worksheets are needed they are just as examples. 

The Operation Ouch clip on BBCiplayer (as well as the bbc bitesize clips) has been checked again so hopefully it will still be there when we and you need it.

Mr George and Mrs Edmands

Y2 Home Learning 29.6.20

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