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At Oldfield Park Infant School, we are dedicated to ensuring that all pupils, no matter their background, are equipped with the skills to enable them to be physically literate, as well as the knowledge and motivation necessary for them to embark upon a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.


The PE curriculum at Oldfield Park Infant School aims to give children the opportunity to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. Our curriculum is inclusive and allows all children to take part in a range of different physical activities that encourages children to become physically active. Our weekly PE lessons support children to develop these skills independently, in small groups and in teams where they apply skills taught to achieve high levels of performance. Throughout PE at Oldfield Park Infant School, children will develop their physical literacy, learn about themselves as individuals and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



At Oldfield Park Infant School, we provide a PE curriculum which has a clear progression as you move through Reception, Year 1 and Year 2; this ensures that there is adequate depth to each sport. Our curriculum follows and ensures that all aspects of the KS1 National Curriculum (2014) are taught and developed throughout their time at Oldfield Park Infant School. Each week, all children are allocated two formal teacher led PE sessions. One lesson is led by the class teacher and focuses on traditional sports/activities such as gymnastics. The second lesson is led by a specialist sports coach and focuses on non-traditional sports such as Boccia Ball.  As well as this, there are many other additional opportunities to become physically active throughout the day, for example, a lunchtime drop in multi-skills club.  The children in EYFS have two formal PE sessions a week alongside the physical environment, focusing on fundamental movement. Children are taught the key skills in a range of sports and these are continuously developed throughout their time at Oldfield Park Infant School. They are taught how to move safely and how to handle and use sport specific equipment. Within lessons, there is an emphasis on pupils achieving their personal best and building resilience; this can be celebrated with our whole school learning powers. Children are taught the rules to games and how to play them fairly, promoting a sense of teamwork, friendship and respect. There is a wide range of equipment available to the children during break and lunch times, children are encouraged to use the equipment where they can develop key skills taught and share expertise with their peers.


The impact of our PE curriculum at Oldfield Park Infant School is closely monitored and adapted to fit the needs of all learners. A yearly detailed report can be found on our school website titled ‘Evidencing the Impact’. Throughout the children’s time at Oldfield Park Infant School the children will learn new skills, develop a love of sport and grow in confidence. The children will understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how physical exercise affects the body and therefore developing a lifelong love of sport.













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