Oldfield Park Schools Local Governance Committee

Folloiwng the appointment the substantive Executive Headteacher across both Oldfield Park Infant and Oldfield Park Junior Schools in February 2023, the decision taken to merge and form one Local Governance Committee (LGC). This new LGC, made up of members from both schools, met for the first time in March 2023 and will continue to do so on a termly basis.

What does the LGC do?

The LGC has an important role in setting the strategic direction of the school. They are not involved in the day to day management of the Oldfield Park Schools, but agree the objective and aims of both schools. This includes formulating development, updating policies, setting targets, holding senior leaders to account, keeping on top of health and safety and reviewing progress against targets.

Who are the Oldfield Park Schools governors?

The LGC is made up of staff, parents, members of the local community and representatives appointed by the Palladian Academy Trust.

Any governor can be contacted via either School Office.

Name of Governor

Type of Governor and Position


End of Term of Office

Alex Barnett Chair and Community 01/05/20 30/09/2024

Liz Alvey




Laura Guppy OPI - Parent 01/11/23 31/10/27
Alexandra Humphreys OPI - Parent 01/11/23 31/10/27
Mari Edmands OPI - Staff 01/01/22 31/12/26
Victoria Johnson Community 23/11/23 22/11/27

David Goucher

Executive Headteacher




     Florence Lupton                      OPJ - Parent    29/03/24             28/03/28

Nancy Widdowson

OPJ - Parent



Alison Paul Trustee Appointed Governor 28/09/22 27/09/26
Kathryn Brownell Trustee 28/09/22 27/09/26
Rachael Van Roy OPJ - Staff 10/12/19 9/12/23
Binky Clark Trust Governance Development Officer Ongoing  

When do they meet?

The LGC meets every term (six times a year) to review the overall work of the school. As noted, the LGC holds senior leaders to account, upodates policies, reviews the vision of values and, finally, each governor is linked to a particular area or subject. 

Becoming a School Governor

Vacancies for governors are advertised in newsletters, bulletins and online.

As a governor you are expected to attend the six meetings of the LGC, be a subject link with a member of teaching staff, attend training and Trust events. Time is also required to read relevant documents prior to meetings and follow up on actions agreed.

Training for governors is provided by the Palladian Academy Trust and the National Governance Association for induction and to help with the development of particular roles.

Although being a governor is a considerable commitment, it is rewarding and supports the school and community. More information is available on the Directgov website:

Register of Business Interests

Find below the register of interests:



Palladian Academy Trust and Governance

As noted in previous sections, please follow the link http://www.palladianacademytrust.com/ to find out more about the Governance/Trustee structure of the our trust.



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