Our School Vision and Values

The children are at the heart of everything we do.

Oldfield Park Infant School is a welcoming and friendly community school where an emphasis is placed on the needs of the individual child. We work hard to acknowledge each child’s strengths and needs and to provide a supportive personalised curriculum. We aim to be inclusive in our practice and celebrate diversity within our school community. Children are nurtured and helped to grow and develop personally and socially as well as academically.

Our School Values

Our school values reflect our commitment to our trust as well as the whole Oldfield Park community. Indeed, although two seperate schools, our values are the same as Oldfield Park Junior School which illustrates the strength of the link between OPIS, OPJS and Oldfield Park community. 







Our School Aims are to enable children to:

  • Achieve the highest possible standards in all areas of the curriculum and school life.

  • Develop self-confidence and be motivated to achieve their best.

  • Learn to think and work both independently and with others as part of a group or team.

  • Develop their ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings clearly.

  • Develop the skills they need to adapt to changes in their world now and in the future.

  • Understand how their behaviour affects others and develop a sense of right and wrong.

  • Develop an awareness of their own needs, feelings and views and be sensitive to others

  • Learn to care for their local environment and develop an awareness of their place in the wider world

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