Online Safety


At School

At Oldfield Park Infant School we take all aspects of children’s safety very seriously and this extends to the use of ICT and the internet.  We aim to keep children safe when accessing the internet whilst at the same time teaching them how to keep themselves safe independently so that they become confident in practical ways to protect themselves.

The Internet is a useful tool to enhance teaching and learning. We will adopt the following systems to ensure Internet use is as safe as possible and of high quality.

  • Internet access will be planned to enrich and extend learning activities. Access will be controlled using filtering software.
  • Pupils will be given clear objectives for Internet use.
  • Staff will select sites, which will support the learning outcomes planned for pupils' age and maturity.
  • Pupils will be educated in taking responsibility for Internet access (eg through the use of Hector’s World)

Internet access within school is only allowed on School Devices. Pupils are not allowed to bring their own devices into school.

At Home

The internet is a highly creative place of amazing opportunities. Advances in technology mean it is becoming more and more integrated into every day life through the use of smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles. Here are some suggestions to help with keeping your children safe whilst using the internet.

  • Start the online safety conversation early. Get your children use to sharing and talking about their 'online life' from a young age.
  • Ask your children to tell you about the sites they like to visit and what they enjoy doing online.
  • Share accessing the internet together, play games and puzzles, model good internet safety practices and etiquette.
  • Ask them about how they stay safe online. What tips do they have for you, and where did they learn them?
  • Only allow access to the internet in shared family spaces.
  • Agree family rules about internet access time.
  • Set up Parental Controls on your devices. The following website is a great resource for help in setting these up on different types of devices.

To try and help parents with the fast-moving and changing world of internet and social media we've suggested a few internet sites which are fantastic resources. They contain information on different types of social media and how to help keep children safe. 

Parent Info

A great online safety tool designed for parents launched by CEOP and Parent Zone. It has advice on everything from keeping children safe from online trolls to WhatsApp- a guide for parents.

Childnet A great website resource for parents and children on online safety

Think U KnowHas a great section for parents and covers topics such as gaming and talking to strangers. You can also search by topic or age range to find information that is relevant for your family.

Internet MattersIs another great site to use - it has advice on cyberbullying, how to talk to your children about internet safety and quick guides to different types of social media such as Instagram and Snapchat.

National Online SafetyOnline safety guides for parents and carers.


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